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Who is founder of yoga?

Sks Jain @ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 19 Hours ago

Yoga is a form of exercise which includes physical and mental presence and focuses on breathing and meditation techniques. It is an old discipline which was given by Patanjali in 2nd century BCE. Yoga originated from the Sanskrit language and it means Union. This exercise brings happiness and peace ..Read More

Latest Answer: 10 Hours ago

By Vanisha Anand (Student)


What is Barack Obama's sun sign?

Umesh Kadam Student | Posted 07 May, 2021

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the US, was born on 4th August 1961. the U.S. President who showed great leadership qualities, and worked hard , has Leo as his sun sign. The great leader shares the magnetic sun sign that shows how to take charge, which can also be in the work that he has done fo ..Read More

Latest Answer: 10 Hours ago

By Vanisha Anand (Student)


Who created Astrology?

Vanisha Anand Student | Posted 08 May, 2021

Babiloins were created astrology and it become famous at egypt ..Read More

Latest Answer: 08 May, 2021

By Anonymous

Castor and Pollux are the two legendary names of the twins that are associated with Gemini. ..Read More

Latest Answer: 03 May, 2021

By Praveen Kumar (Freelancer)