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The sanctuary is Markandeya Mahadeva sanctuary. Its where Life crushed Death. Here is there story !!!!!!! Once, there were a couple named, Mrikandu and his better half Marudvati. They were aficionados of Lord Shiva and have no youngster. They chose to do a 'Tapasya' and one day Lord Shiva got glad on that couple... Read More

By ravi singh (teacher )

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Hanuman the manifestation of vayu( wind God) had just endured various thrashings in the Valmiki Ramayana. The thrashings came on account of warriors who were more remarkable than the vanara. He had recieved an aid from Brahma that absolved his passing on account of weapons, yet the weapons could even now twisted or... Read More

By shweta rajput (blogger )

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Who, besides Arjuna knew that Lord Krishna was a God?

abhishek rajput Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted 09 Sep, 2020

Indeed, even Arjuna didn't know appropriately that Krishna was a God before he demonstrated His Mahavishnu Virat Roop. Different characters who realized that Krishna was a God are - Vyasa - He... Read More

By abhishek rajput (Net Qualified (A.U.))

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Who is the father of Kauravas?

G Sai Naga Susmitha Content Writer | Posted 07 Sep, 2020

Dhritarashtra was born blind. He fathered one hundred sons and one daughter, Dushala, by his wife, Gandhari and a son, Yuyutsu, by Sughada, his wife's maid. These children, including the eldest son Duryodhana, came to be known as the Kauravas. ..Read More

By Prince Chaudhary (student)