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How to Build Wordpress Website

arun arora blogger | Posted 04 Jun, 2021

To build a WordPress website you need to follow these simple steps-1.Choose WordPress as your website platform.2.Now, Pick a domain name for your site and buy the hosting.3. Get familiar with the process of WordPress and its UI.4. Pick a theme and a design for your website.5. To extend your website's abilities, get plugins. 6. Start creating basic... Read More

By Agrima Didwania (@Student)

How to Build Wordpress Website

Importance of post covid health checkup: After post covid most individuals do gain sufficient antibodies which prevents chance of reinfection . However its still not conclusive as  to how long immunity  can last. Reinfection cases have been documented as well . More so far people who are in high risk or are old are taking preventive measures to further ... Read More

By Anonymous

Why Post Covid Health Checkup is Important?

Diwali Gifting Ideas:The festival of lights is just a month away to be celebrated. People have already started cleaning and decorating their houses and premises. But, nobody can forget about gifting things on Diwali. Wait! Are you thinking of gifting sweets, chocolates, and dry fruits again? It’s time to give up old ideas and moving forward to choose... Read More

By Good Ease (Marketing Executive)

how to Celebrates Festival Diwali By Using Decoratives items,dresses,gifts,sweets and etc?

can you baptize yourself?

Trishna . Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 17 Jun, 2021

What is Baptism? We often say ‘the baptism in the Holy Spirit.’ It is nothing but a new covenant gift from the Father. It is a promise for those Christ-followers who follows the walk of the successful Christian walk. They believe... Read More

By Shrestha Seal (Writer)

can you baptize yourself?