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 Even though after independence India in today,s date is still an   agriculture based country with about 70% its rural population stil   depends primarily on agriculture for their livelihood, with 82% of   farmers being small and marginal. Govt is trying to provide and   empower as much as it can for the... Read More

By siddharth sundriyal (Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ))

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Mostly Linkedin is used mainly offer job postings and find the apt people for that position. Also, Linkedin is used to get connected with many people regarding business purposes and explore more in your domain. Linkedin also helps the business people to run ads by helping them with the varieties of targeting options. Image Source -... Read More

By dinesh kumar (Blogger)

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Is Mortgage Loan Interest Tax Deductible in India?

Anonymous | Posted 15 Hours ago

In India House loan is tax deductible loan, but the entire loan amount or the interest. However, there are some clauses that are attached to it. first of all, you must know that the answer of is mortgage loan interest tax deductible india is surely yes – it comes under 80C act of Tax deduction and ..Read More

By Naina Kapoor (Financial Consultant)


Except Kashmir, which hill station is more beautiful?

Urmila Solanki BBA in mass communication | Updated 28 Jul, 2018

Nainital is a beautiful hill station in India and famous for its various natural attraction. Its green hills, old cottages, and a web of strolling streets attract people towards it. Everyone should... Read More

By Paul Murray (CEO)

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