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Posted 10 Jan, 2019 |

Is it better to be an all rounder, or being perfect in just one skill?

Meetali Asiwal

Thinker | Posted 11 Jan, 2019

Well, both the scenarios have their own perks and disadvantages. 

all-rounder-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Medium)

Being an all-rounder is never easy, because people demand you to be equally good in everything.

Being average in even one of the skills can contribute to the disruption of your image. Also, sometimes you can get overburdened with work which keeps on piling up on you and saying NO is not an option for you. 

Not just this, there is no area on which you can work on especially and polish yourself in that. So there are chances that you will always remain an average.  

On the other hand, being perfect in just one skill makes you an "expert", and earns you good respect in one particular field. Everything, however, has its own pros and cons. Being perfect in just one thing and knowing nothing else can also be bad as that makes you feel like a handicapped sometimes. Why? Because things often work best when they are in combination. 

Your question actually is talking about two extremes and extremes are often considered as bad. So it's better if you find some middle ground.