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Declan Hateley

Businessman | Posted 27 Mar, 2020 |

Any tips on how to improve faster in League of Legends?

Makayla Beattie

Blogger | Posted 27 Mar, 2020

Lots of people can tell you what you should be doing inside the game to improve. Let me tell you what you can do outside the game.

  1. Get educated: Start watching tournaments, informational videos, reading guides, and learning the theory and strategies of the game. You won’t be able to go very far without a solid understanding of macro strategies and champion matchups, for example.
  2. Hire a coach: Yes, League of Legends coaches exist, and they can do a wonderful job of boosting your learning and growth, presuming you can afford a capable one. Remember, just being a good player does not a good coach make — they need to be good teachers as well.
  3. Watch your replays: You’ll be surprised how many details escape you in the heat of the moment. Go over your replays, take note of your mistakes, and seek to learn from them — it’ll help you a lot. Getting a League of Legends boost may also be handy when you find yourself struggling. Click here to learn more.