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Apart from fasting and worshipping, what else can be done to impress the goddesses?


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Be a Good person at heart. Don't make fun of other people's. Don't hurt anyone. 


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According to Hinduism, worshipping women and woman power is very auspicious. And so in this religion, this power is represented by three goddesses –goddess Parvati, goddess Saraswati, and goddess Laxmi. When these three goddesses combine, there emerges the absolute power in the form of goddess Durga.

Therefore, just praying these goddesses like other gods is never enough.

Goddess Parvati

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Goddess Parvati is known to be the avatar of goddess Sati, and praying her is very beneficial for married women. In the month of Saawan, we should worship goddess Parvati along with Lord Shiva. Same goes for those who fast every Monday. They should also worship both Shiva-Parvati and not just Lord Shiva.

Enchanting the following mantra while worshipping goddess Parvati can prove to be very beneficial.

Gauri mein priyataam nityam aghanashaya mangala
Saubhagya astu lalita bhavani sarvasidhyaya

Goddess Sarasvati

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Goddess Sarasvati is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom and is worshipped every Wednesday. It is believed that wearing green-colored clothes for Sarasvati-puja is very auspicious. Offering white flowers is also considered good.

We should also chant the following mantra 108 times:

Om heem em heem Saraswatiyaya Namah

Goddess Lakshmi

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Goddess Lakshmi is not worshipped only at the time of Diwali. Since she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, worshipping her only once a year is really not enough. Apart from worshipping her daily, people also fast in her name every Friday.

Whenever you pray to goddess Lakshmi, do enchant this mantra 108 times:

Om heem kleem shree siddh laxmaiya namah


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