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5 Bridal Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid

The wedding day is the mostawaited day for many brides On this day all eyes will be on you This is why everything needs to be on point right from your outfit to the shade of your lipstick Now when it comes to your makeup there are a few things you should avoid like the plague Here are a few things you should steer clear of on your big day according to the best bridal makeup artists in PuneSkipping the makeup trialDont you want to know how you will look at your wedding before everyone else Well to make sure you like your look dont forget to opt for a trial This will cost extra but it will be worth it A trial will help you understand what works for you and what doesnt Along with this you can get a chance to evaluate your makeup artists professionalism gauge their work and test just how well you two vibe2 Not preparing for your makeup trialSkipping your trial is one thing and not prepping in advance is another altogether Many brides skip the research and then have to go with whatever the makeup artist suggests So make sure you pin or screenshot your favourite beauty looks and run it by your makeup artist This will help the artist recreate your dream bridal look3 Changing your skincare routineSwitching your skincare routine in the week before your wedding can turn to be a disaster This is because your skin is used to certain lotions or moisturisers If your new routine does not suit you your skin can break out To avoid this stick to the routine which has worked for you all these years4 Skipping Body MakeupDo you think your makeup ends at your jawline If you do there goes your fourth mistake Just prepping your face and not your body can make you look inconsistent This is why you should make sure your collar bones shoulders back arms and other parts are prepped as well5 Not Waterproofing the MakeupNo matter how hard you try not to you are bound to shed a few tears on this day There is nothing worse than having streaks of mascara running down your face or white stripes of your foundation coming off while greeting guests and taking photos Well to avoid this horrific situation you need waterproof and smudgefree makeupYour wedding day is the time you will cherish for years By avoiding these mistakes and hiring the best makeup artist in Pune you will be all set to shine on this day All the best.

Tanya Arora

@ Makeup Artist in Pune | Posted 12 Aug, 2019 | Health & beauty