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Analysis of National level exams after Graduation

Now a days we are seeing that every student is running behind the others without knowing the actual status of various all India exams after graduation So here we try to clear your Idea about these examsFirst of all we discuss about Bank PO and SSC ExamsNow this is a very interesting question we Indians hardly pay attention to this and hence suffer badly I will put down 3 competitive exams for establishing my point I am writing this for all the students who have been knowingly or unknowingly forced into this system due to parental pressure or society or only themselves Please read this I hope this helps1SBI PO Exam 25 lakh candidates applied for 2000 odd seats2SSC CGL Exam 2017 30 lakh candidates applied for 4000 odd seats3IBPS Clerk Exam 20 lakh candidates for less than 10000 seatsNow out of these 25 lakh odd studentsEveryone wants a bright career and they deserve itNo one gives these exams thinking that he or she will failNow the main question who is the person who will clear these exams What is the success ratio in CAT GATE examActually its quite tough to compare them Its totally based on your interest firstlyAnd a brief acknowledgment about success ratio in bothFor GATE Approx 2 lakhs candidates Out of which 400 students end up with a job in PSU for mechanical generally for other branches data will be different But then again you have to compete only with mechanical students that too most of the iitiansnitians get a job from placements so they dont write it Hence competition is relatively easy You can get a top rank if you have worked hard for 89 monthsFor CAT approx 2 lakhs candidates and seats in top IIMs are around 2400 considering only old IIMs But you have to face tough competition from iitiansnitians and students from other backgrounds So both exam are difficult to crackIn CAT even after securing a high percentile you need to be good in your academics 10th12th and college and work ex So yeah converting it is indeed a difficult taskIn GATE if you secure a top rank you will mostly endup in a PSU or MTech courseHow Difficult is IIT JAM In Terms of Selection RatioNumber of Candidates Appeared in IIT JAM Yearwise 2015 to 2017The competition is huge And also the difficulty of IIT JAM Exam and No of Candidates are increasing exponentially In this section lets analyses the no of candidates appeared in IIT JAM Exam in last 3 yearsYear No of Candidates Appeared2015 25000 Approx2016 45000 Approx2017 54654 ApproxJAM is a tough nut to crack this is not because of the difficulty level of the questions Of course the question asked in the JAM Test are not easy But IIT JAM is tough because the selection ratio is very lowIn 2017 11512 candidates appeared in IIT JAM Chemistry and only 889 seats were available in all the colleges put together 15 IITs 16 NITs and 2 CFTIs which means a Selection Ratio of 772As per the given analysis there is no doubt that the competition as increasing Despite the increased competition and candidates the no of seats remains same every year more or less around 1500Difficulty Level of the JAM Test Paper Last Years ComparisonAccording to the IIT JAM Analysis and Expert Reviews we have found that JAM 2017 was much difficult as compared to the last two years 2015 2016 because the Exam Pattern was changedYear Level of difficult2015 Moderate2016 Moderate2017 DifficultIIT JAM Last Year Trend of CutoffThe marks required to qualify IIT JAM Exam is always a topic of speculation In this post we have decided to give insights about the last year trend of CutOff MarksIIT JAM Last Year Trend of CutoffDifficulty Level of the Questions Asked in Joint Admission TestFrom 2017 onwards conceptual questions are asked in JAM which makes the paper little different from the previous trends In 2015 and 2016 exams formulabased questions held more importance This made candidates struggled in JAM Exam 2017 onwardIn 2018 the NAT section was quite lengthy timeconsuming and there were some tricky questions in the MSQs section which made paper little harder as compared to 2017But after this much of difficulties Job Prospects After MSc is not very good for this you can visit any IIT nearest to you before Perusing this courseAnd If you compare it With NIMCET only 14 to 15 thousands students appear every year and Career after MCA you judge after seeing the images given below.

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