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Antique Jewelry Trends to Adorn This Season

Jewelry is an important component of womens wardrobe The one jewelry item that they love dearly is earrings Jewelry trends come and go but there is one trend that has been here for a very long time and is here to stay is antique earrings South Indian women vouch for this type of jewelry They not only love to buy antique earrings necklaces rings and bracelets but it also holds a special place their bridal trousseau However antique trinkets have gained popularity in other parts of India and the rest of the world Many people mistake traditional Indian earrings for antique earrings In fact it is referred to any piece of jewelry that has been existing for more than 100 years at least This jewelry might look dainty and delicate however it has stood the test of rapidly changing times and traditions Since these styles and patterns have become quite a raging trend designers have brought them back in their collections and are presenting the world with the oldworlds charm by reinventing it according to the norms of the modern world Therefore the term antique jewelry has undergone a transformation and it in modern day world it is referred to piece of jewelry that is either more than 100 years older or has been crafted using ageold patterns and styles These types of earrings are certainly more expensive than the contemporary jewelry and it has its own unique glistening charm that is enhanced with its oxidized and wellworn appeal It is more desirable because the originals are rare despite many replicas Each piece displays gorgeous effects of aging and is all about sartorial splendor Every piece speaks volumes about the excellent craftsmanship that is its key distinctive feature Unlike the original antiques the facsimiles may not consist of topquality stones and jewels To make it more affordable it is replaced by enamel polish semiprecious stones Nonetheless antiques original or replica are perfect for all occasions and look great as statement ornament Here are a few types of antique jewelry especially antique earrings to start experimenting with Antique Temple Jewelry This is one of the mostloved jewelry styles in South India This jewelry is mostly made of gold with an antique finish Prominently the designs feature motifs of gods and goddesses In the ancient times such jewelry was either used to adorn the Gods and Goddesses in the temple or worn by regal queens Temple designs are particularly popular among women of classy tasteTarakashi This art form of antique jewelry originated in 1500 century Orissa This pattern is often referred to as a modified version of Greek filigree crafts The designs are said to be inspired by nature flowers and animals are created with the finest silver metal Antique Gold This is probably the most popular form of antique jewelry that is created with gold metal the symbol of wealth and prosperity in India Its timeless appeal makes traditional gold jewelry an eternal favorite among Indian women The items like antique earrings chains rings bracelets are both worn by men and women Antique gold jewelry was crafted by purest of all golds and each design was uniqueVictorianEra Diamond Jewelry As the name suggests this jewelry was influenced by European culture and it founds its way to India when British colonized our country The most popular forms of this jewelry are crafted in diamonds with gold silver or platinum These days inexpensive versions of Victorianera jewelry are popular among younger women The imitation items may not include original garnets but are replaced cheaper polished versions that may not last foreverMeenakari Jewelry Meenakari is a reference to a Persian art form that originated in the 17th century However in India it became popular during the Mughal era and at during the reign of Raja Mansingh Nowadays markets are flooded with replicas of this type of jewelry However the real antique meenakari jewelry is easily distinguishable due to its superior quality and finesse Kundankari Another popular antique form of jewelry that was loved by royal queens of India Kundankari is all about extravaganza and everything luxurious The art form was prominent in Rajasthani and Gujarati regions in the 19th century Kundankari uses precious stones like diamonds rubies emeralds and sapphires Nowadays kundankari is a major part of Indias top designer Sabyasachis bridal collection In general it is loved by brides of all communities of India Caring for Antique JewelryWhether its antique earrings necklace rings bracelets waistbands headpieces or toe rings antiques must be stored with utmost care otherwise it will lose its oldworld charm If you own an original antique it is imperative to care for it and protect it from getting tainted by dust excessive sunlight chemicals or even erratic weather conditions You must keep it safe from scratching it against a rough surface or harsh cleaning chemicals It can be cleaned with salt water or ultrasonic cleaners It is best advised to take it to the jeweler to get it cleaned As for storing you must store in a special jewelry box where things wont get humid bent or scratched Also it is recommended to wear this jewelry at least once in a while than stashing it away in the treasure box Moreover dont examine it carefully every now and then for any loose diamonds Original antique jewelry is a rarity and it has a very special place in the heirloom Hence it must be stored with caution and must be cared for properly It is important to remember that you must not handle the trinkets roughly and avoid scratching and scrubbing that may damage the jewelry Finally when purchasing antique jewelry it is suggested to buy it from a certified jeweler and obtain related certificates for future purpose .

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