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Automobile Automation Made Simpler Ananta Tek

As customer in automobile sector are increasingly shifting to digital technologies companies like Ananta Tek adopting the same shall remain at the fore front Our job is to make the task simpler and smarterby using innovation in creating Automobile ERP ANANTA TEK implements enterprise class Dealer Management Software solutions using best in class technology platform in Automobile ERP We offer Dealer Management Software several modules like Sales Pre Sales Service CRM HR Payroll Accounts Finance and PERTFramework For Ananta Tek ERPTo collect lead from various incoming sources Managing and following up leads by optimizing and monitoring their allocation Escalation matrix with management compliance and sustainable product innovation End to end automated tracking from lead to customer and vice versa Prebuilt reports with audit for sales support team Sales module integrated with customer management and after sales functions with contextual marketingCreating templates and defining set of variables system helps in sales projections giving insights into products and projects insights Collaborative B2B sales management with omni channel customer service through multi channel marketingSales inventory and operations planning along with demand management Invoicing management Inventory Management Car cost management Integrating seamless multiple customer communication channels with rapid response to customer queries through implementation of social mediaOur PERT module in the Dealer Management helps companies to identify the weak areas in their internal control system operations PERT Integrates with CRM and billing modules Our several modules in dealer management software Automobile ERP like Sales Pre Sales Service CRM HR Payroll Accounts Finance and PERT provide multi channel layout for dealers and manufacturers to efficiently manage their internal control system.

Kedar Malik

@ manager | Posted 03 Mar, 2020 | Science & Technology