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Back Pain Surgery

Acording to WHO back pain is the 1st rank holder among the disease complication caused by work The prevalence of back pain varies from 1056 Its a common problem which exists with equally common misunderstandings especially when the option of surgery is being considered Back pain is basically the pain felt in the lower or upper back 9 out of 10 adults experience back pain at some of time in their lives It is divided into middle back pain thoracic lower back pain lumbar tailbone pain coccydynia Back pain can affect people irrespective of the age factor and for different reasons It may come with mild to severe complications While there may be different causes of back pain the after affects bring severe problems for the victim of back pain People often believe some common myths about back pain and back surgery But the reality is totally different from their beliefs Here are described few common myths and actual realities associated with back surgery Lets read on.

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@ Founder | Posted 21 May, 2019 | Health & beauty