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Best Practices for Mobile App Data

It is critical for digital businesses to seek privacy and data protection services for maintaining GDPR compliant web interfaces This blog post explores some best practices businesses can adopt to ensure that their mobile applications are GDPR compliantWe at Oodles provide GDPR compliant data protection services to global businesses We implement the privacy by design concept to ensure privacy protection is embedded in business processes physical design networked infrastructure information technology etc Talk to our data analysts to know more about our work and services .

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@ Company | Posted 06 Sep, 2019 | Others

Posted By: Oodles DPP (Posted 06 Sep, 2019)

GDPR Compliance | Best Practices for Mobile App Data

A recent Hubspot survey reveals that among 363 business leaders from developed nations, only 36% are familiar with GDPR norms. Misinformation and mismanagement of user data cause irrecoverable data breaches such as the Cambridge Analytica- Facebook incident. It is, therefore, critical for digital …

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