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Cancer treatment in India

Cancer treatment Cancer therapy is personalized so the treatments often vary from one person to another With growing awareness and early detection of cancer the disease has found its way to be discussed openly at dinner tables and workplace Continual development and advancement in treating cancer have shown progress with Finland having outstanding treatment outcomes compared globally to other countriesThe various treatment options for CancerThe main type of treatment involves cancer surgery chemotherapy radiotherapy and hormone therapy Lately various immunological therapies using smart drug delivery has also been widely usedIn a country with the population only second to China there are only 62 dedicated cancer hospitals in India which includes both regional and national facilities according to the National Cancer Grid Oncologists say the available dedicated cancer care facilities fall short in tackling the burden of treating patients in the future Cost and actual causationDr Sajjan Rajpurohit a senior medical oncologist at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre commented on bringing in cost efficiency in treating cancer as the need of the hour He notes on an average the standard cancer treatment in private healthcare facilities and hospitals range between rupees 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs However when adding a precision medication the newer immune treatment can add drug cost up to rupees one croreTexila Medicare in IndiaOften people find the most valuable information about the treatment and better facilities and physicians only towards the end of it Finding an oncologist who is not only regarded best by hearsay but with factors to back them up is a challenge in a diverse region such as India Texila Medicare understands the necessity and bridges the gap by providing personalized medical services that meets the best and most affordable therapy to international cancer patientsTexila Medicare helps patients in scheduling your medical trip arrangements from A Z making ample room for adequate adjustments of patient needs at any point time during this period With a plethora of accredited network of hospitals and doctors with good standing in the medical profession Texila Medicare is all about making the patients trip stay and necessary treatments as effective convenient and as affordable as possible With best practices and affordability the service goes a notch up for its ethical and transparent patient handling procedures from the beginning to the end of the treatment Texila Medicares growth in the Indian medical tourism market in India is a testament to its growing partnership with the best Medical Service Providers across the country With a thorough and deep understanding of the medical services it offers and having Texila American University Consortium as its parent company Texila Medicare is perfectly positioned to be globally recognized as a onestop solution for all foreign nationals looking to travel to India for the purpose of medical treatments .

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