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Choosing Good Zumba Shoes For Flat Feet

The biggest mistake that most people with flat feet make when selecting Zumba shoes is getting the wrong style of shoe A person with flat feet needs extra support in the right areas Now a person with normal arches might get away with wearing a pair of running or walking shoes to Zumba class but if you have flat feet you will be in quite a bit of painRunning and walking shoes may have quite a bit of cushioning but what they lack is proper support for the lateral moves that youll make in Zumba class The extra cushioning in a pair of jogging shoes are designed to help you when you are moving forward only Making a lot of side to side motions in a pair of shoes that are designed to support your feet when moving forward are going to kill the arches of a person with flat feetStick to cross training shoes if you have flat feet They have lots of good cushioning and support on the sides in the form of an extra wide as well as thick outsole Its exactly what you need for your extra sensitive arches In Zumba class as you move from side to side and up and down youll really appreciate the extra cushioning and support in all the right places Cross trainers will give you that support every single timeDo you have a pair of cross trainers and a pair of jogging shoes lying around the house Try this test This test can also be done in the store to see if the Zumba shoes you are thinking about buying will have enough support for your flat feet during Zumba classTake your jogging shoes and place them with the toes facing down and the heels pointing straight up in the air Holding them by the heel only press the toe straight down into the floor A pair of jogging shoes will bend at the toes every single time They are meant to easily give and bend at the toes for running Now try the same test with your cross trainers Press the toes straight down into the floor If the shoes have enough support for your feet the toes wont bend when you put pressure on the heel What this means is that the lateral support of the shoe will be enough to make them a good candidate for Zumba shoeshttpshealthinfluencernetjointcomplex4000review.

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