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Short introduction to Google Updates

A Google Update such as the Mobile Update or Phantom Update is the term used to describe a change affecting how rankings are calculated by the search engine Google Some updates are major algorithm changes and others may be the application of filters of a refresh of the data basis that an algorithm runs on The general aim of any update is always to improve the relevance and quality of the search results with most changes focusing on one or more particular features such as an optimization to fight search engine spam or to combat duplicate contentMost updates are initiated manually and rolled out for Googles individual country indexes Some updates like the Penguin Update or Panda Update are already part of Googles socalled core algorithm They have become so integral to the search engine that they now develop continuously and automatically and are no longer manually updatedEach year Google implements over 600 adaptations and updates to its algorithms Most of these alterations take place unnoticed and are not announced within the search engine industryThe most significant Google Updates take place when there is an adjustment to the structure and functionality of the algorithm These have more of an impact a Data Refresh which does not add any new features to the core algorithm and simply updates the data used by the algorithm.

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@ digital marketing | Posted 27 Nov, 2018 | Current Topics