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Why Coffee ShopsWhile we know many of you on the other side of the pond aka near Canny Creative HQ love their cups of tea many of us around the world cannot live without coffeeI happen to work amongst the best coffee shops around and I just couldnt help notice that many of these new establishments are really pushing their branding not just in their dcor logo and menus but online as wellThis got me thinking how are coffee shops getting noticed onlineOf course these branding and Search Engine Optimisation methods can be used for local tea shops restaurants and many establishments that are looking to grow their street traffic and online trafficIn fact if youre looking for some ideas for your website then we have the perfect post for you Check out our top tips for restaurant websites But dont worry you can use them for your coffee shop tooSo lets make a startTokyo Techie is one of the leading coffee shop branding agency working largely in the speciality coffee market on a variety of projects globally Our services include naming coffee shop logo design branding and the creation of a complete visual identity taking in all printed matter you might need to get started cafe menu design loyalty cards business cards and clothing We can also create your website with content such as video and photography if desiredSEO and You Local Businesses Pay AttentionBefore you learn how to improve your SEO you must first understand what it is and why it matters The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing the content on your website so it outranks your competitionFor exampleIf you own a coffee shop in New Jersey ideally you want your business listed first when someone searches online for coffee shops in your areaThere are many things a business can do to bring people into their brick and mortar location and it all starts with digital marketing and SEO Of course weve talked about this topic many times here at Tokyo Techie including an exhaustive list of tips to help Hotel Owners with their SEOWhy Should You CareYou might think to yourself why should I care about improving my SEO I make money when people walk into my coffee shop not when they visit my websiteThat is the mistake most coffee shop owners makeThey are so focused on the point of sale purchase they cant see the larger picture of how their customers found them in the first placeFor exampleWhen I visit a new city the first thing I do is search online for nearby coffee shops to find out where Im going first thing the next morning One thing about catering to coffee lovers is we are a ritualistic bunch and we need our daily dose of caffeine no matter where we areYou want to be that shop for someone You cant sell them a cup of coffee if they dont know where to find you in the first place How Online Ordering Can Help Your Business TodayIf a lightbulb has gone off and you want to start providing online ordering today its not that difficult There are pointofsale or POS solutions available that can create an online ordering system and app to help take and manage orders onlineAsk your POS provider what options are available for your coffee shop today and start making online orders a realityhttpstokyotechiecomseocoffeeshop.

Smit Johsen

@ SEO Analyst | Posted 01 Oct, 2019 | Science & Technology