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Moissanite Vs DiamondEngagement Rings What does it come in your mind first Diamond yes it is a preferable choice for Engagement Rings Whenever it comes to buying an Engagement Ring you have to set your budget and to decide the ring design However the Diamond doesnt come in everyones budget because its price is highest among rubies sapphires and pearls As an alternative Moissanite came to existent in 1983 by a French Scientist Henri Moissan Firstly he thought of Diamonds but after the research he found it was composed of Silicon carbide and Diamonds are composed of Carbon As Moissanite is rare and after knowing the crystal structure today the Moissanite is labcreatedDiamonds occur naturally in Earths depth around 150 to 250 km At extreme pressure and temperature Diamonds are formed in a rigid structure that comes out by volcanic disruptions and got buried in igneous rocks This activity makes a Diamond age between 1 to 35 billion years By forming into the crystal structure Diamonds are the hardest natural material Now its popularity in the gem family makes it a perfect choice for Engagement rings But the beauty comes with prices and Diamonds are also known for their pricesMoissanite vs Diamond in DurabilityDiamond and Moissanite look so similar but they are not the Diamonds are made of carbons and the Moissanite are made of silica carbide In Mohs scale the scale which tells about the scratch resistance of any mineral Diamonds on point 10 make its top of the scale and Moissanite on point 925 ranks second on the scale Both are hard enough to make it for a daily wearable than the other stones emeralds and sapphires Moissanite being second on the scale makes it useful in industriesMoissanite vs Diamond in brillianceThe Diamonds are known for their brilliance and sparkle Do you know Moissanite has a higher refractive index than the Diamond Yes thats true The Diamonds have less refractive index than Moissanite So what is a refractive index Its a measurement of the lightbending when passing from one medium to the other medium Brilliance comes from the refractive index of a material The combination of all three light reflections that it gains its famous sparkle is dispersion brilliance and scintillation The Diamonds brilliance depends upon the cut it has and the imperfectionsMoissanite has a different type of brilliance it feels like a disco light in sunlight The labcreated Moissanite has a more refractive index giving more brilliance than a Diamond but the brilliance may not be liked by everyoneFor a normal person if you keep both Moissanite and Diamond in front of him he cant tell the difference between the two Only the experts can tell which is Diamond and Moissanite.

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