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Easy Ways to change the text font on your iPhone

When you read something on your iPhone you can use the zoom in and zoom out feature without using the font setting for increasing the text size If you feel comfortable with smaller text size then maximum content gets added in your smaller screen There are two options to change the font size on your iPhone first is in Settings and second in Control Center So here are some steps to follow for changing text sizeIncreasing and bolding text size Press the Settings button This icon looks like a gearshaped button on the grey box After that you can scroll downwards and select Display and Brightness It is near to the Settings screen Select Text Size This will show you a new slider screen Now swipe the slider to modify the text size You can swipe left or right to change the text size such as smaller and bigger After that select the Back option you can see in the top of the upper lefthand corner It will save your changes If you want to enable bold text click on the white Bold Text and tap the toggle Select Continue and your iPhone will restart on the spot Adjust Accessibility Settings Select the Settings icon on your iPhone It looks like a gearshaped on a grey box In Settings screen you can scroll downwards and select General Click on Accessibility and you can see the lower side of the screen After that you can hit the Larger Text option Now you can click on the white Larger Accessibility Sizes toggle If you switch the toggle it will become green Swipe to the right and increase the font and swipe to the left to decrease the font sizeAdjust font size from Control Center Select the Settings app on your iPhone Click on Control Center Select Customize Controls for open Customization menu Now you can scroll downwards and click on the green plus button and it is near Text Size Launch Settings on your iPhone It looks like grey shaped icon Click on Display and Brightness Hit the View option Click on the Zoomed tab Click on Set in the righthand corner of your screen This action will save your current SettingsPeter Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002 As a technical expert he has written technical blogs manuals white papers and reviews for many websites such as wwwofficecomsetup.

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