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Election 2019 Campaigning through Digital Marketing

introducing you the biggest digital battle General Elections2019 of India The budget spent on it is more than most of the industries cumulatively spend on digital platforms The count last traced was of 7 billion The way parties project themselves for luring the crowd is commendable their selling protocols their branding their PR is much better than most of the products available online.

Greencode Digital marketing

@ ceo | Posted 25 Jun, 2019 | Others

Posted By: Greencode Digital marketing (Updated 26 Jun, 2019)

Election-2019: Campaigning through Digital Marketing!

Digital food, Digital shopping, Digital relations and what not?

When every corner of the world is digitally accessed, everything you do is online! The shop you buy clothes from or the food you eat, the brands you endorse or the products you use cater to your use virtually and then at the physical …

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