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Embed on Hardware keylogger

Serial Logger logs data from any serial port virtual or real one into the specified file so one can analyze it later Further COM port logger works under Virtual Machines like VMWare or Virtual PC It is a great serial port activity investigation tool that will cost user nothing much.

Shaheer Siddiqui

@ Marketing manager at keelog | Posted 24 Mar, 2019 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Shaheer Siddiqui (Posted 12 Jun, 2019)

MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial - Converts Data from Network and Internet to Serial and RS232

The MorphStick Ethernet 2 Serial is a compact network device, capable of generating serial data from incoming UDP data over Ethernet. The source of the UDP data can be a MorphStick Serial 2 Ethernet, or data generated from a network device or computer.

Features :

Generates serial or RS232 data

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Posted By: Shaheer Siddiqui (Posted 24 Mar, 2019)

Embed on Hardware keylogger

Hardware keylogger is a great solution for all developers to monitor all serial port activity. It is absolutely cost free solution that will help users to track serial dataflow in real time. 


• Capability to log multiple serial ports at same time

It has the capability to log multiple …

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