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Essential guide to Yoga for stress management

What exactly is StressSimply put stress is the fight or flight response which you experience when your mind or body reacts to a certain situation that could pose physical mental or social discomfort It can affect your mental stability and your physical fitnessStress in the modern worldNo one likes being stressed its just the way we humans are designed to be So its obvious that just like we feel happy we feel stressed tooAnd its not only you almost all of us feel stressed at least once a day You can be a student who is stressed for his results or a Teacher who is stressed because you have got a lot of copies to check Stress is a part of our lives or wait an unlikely part of our livesThe urban lifestyle and work culture has surely brought about a great impact on the individual economic status but it has grossly diminished the quality of life Moreover people now have to deal with stress in different forms in their everyday livesIt almost seems like theres nothing that they can do to combat stress The bills wont stop showing up the day will never have more hours and your family and work responsibilities will always be demandingIf you still think its okay to be stressed hear me out studies find that long term stress could lead to fatal health problems like heart disease cancer lung disease accidents cirrhosis of the liver and suicidesSo how do you know youre stressed to counteract act it quickly Check out for the following symptomsSymptoms of stressAt the emotional level the signs of stress may includeFeelings of low selfesteem loneliness and depressionTrouble relaxing your mindEasily frustrated and disturbed with trivial issuesAvoiding social situationsPhysically stress may bring aboutUpset stomachAching and tense musclesHeadachesLow energyChest pain and rapid heartbeatInsomniaFrequent colds and infectionsNervousnessSweaty hands and feetAt the behavioural level stress can causeAppetite changesAvoiding responsibilitiesIncreased consumption of alcohol drugs or cigarettesProcrastinationOther behaviours include nervousness nail biting pacing or fidgetingCognitive symptoms of stress includeForgetfulnessInability to focusLack of judgementPessimistic thoughtsConstant worryingStages of stressStage 1 You will experience changes in your mental stability Youll be more anxious and will experience a lack of sleepStage 2 You will notice changes in your body like a spike in blood pressure increased heart rate and similar symptomsStage 3 The frequency of the symptoms that you experienced in step 2 will increaseStage 4 You will face serious physical and mental issues that will either require surgery or longterm managementGetting stressed now and then isnt a serious issue But in our daytoday lives we often become so used to stress that we do not notice that it is crossing the line By the time we realise it unfortunately its too lateWhen you feel that stress is getting the better off you it might be the perfect time to hit the Yoga mat and take charge of your life backWait Yoga to reduce stressWhy not Psychology Today states that more than 85 of people who incorporated Yoga into their daytoday lives agreed that it helped them counter stress They also reported that they were happier more energetic and focused at workYoga for stress management and healthIn a study conducted by The American Council on Exercise ACE it was conclusively proved how yoga helps beginners to counter stress After eight weeks of observing Yoga practitioners they observed there was a fundamental improvement in their physical and mental healthParticipants self reportedBoosted moodHigher ability to concentrateLess emotional instabilityImproved flexibility by 13 to 35Improved muscular strengthImproved enduranceAnd did you notice the fun fact here The study was done on beginners So if they can do it why not youNow that we are on the same page as to why Yoga is important let me take you through how Yoga can be a gamechanger in your life Excited Lets get to itYoga to relieve tensionYoga is a mindbody exercise that includes physical poses controlled breathing and meditation As I stated above when you make Yoga as a part of your life it enhances your physical mental intellectual and spiritual healthThe best part of Yoga is that it has many ways of doing it From complex moves for experts to basic poses for beginners it suits everyone Hatha pose is one of the most common forms of stressrelieving Yoga for beginners because of its slow pace and simple movementsBut Yoga isnt limited to Hatha you can start with any pose that suits your preferencesHaving said that lets see what the 3 core components of Yoga areAsanas posesA pose or posture in Yoga is a combination of movements targeted to enhance your strength and flexibility They are also called Asanas These Asanas differ For beginners they start from simply lying on the floor whereas for experts such Asanas mean stretching their body beyond physical limitsBreathingIf you think breathing is just taking in and letting go of air the yoga gurus would disagree Controlled breathing is a core element for an effective Yoga session When you control your breathing you actually take control of your mind and bodyMeditationThe core purpose of Yoga is to calm your otherwise anxious body through relaxation Through meditation you discover yourself and feel more refreshed and energetic Not to forget the process of discovering yourself is magicalRead more httpswwwrishikeshyogpeethcom.

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