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Everything About Coworking Business and GoWork India

Coworking spaces in India have been a real boom in India with big enterprises taking interest in coworking spaces as the government has allowed FDI up to 100 for townships and settlementdevelopment projectsWant to know what is Coworking Here is the simple answer Coworking is a platform whereentrepreneurs instead of taking the whole office for rent pay only for the seats or space they want tohave for their work As day by day the thrill of working in a separate office is getting faded away dueto the burden of electricity bills office boy salary and other minor details Taking a separate office forrent brings in different problems along with it like paying advance security paying electricity billsand maintenance of the office An entrepreneur or a small business owner who has just started hisbusiness always wants to focus on the work but instead of that they are worried of the fact as tohow are they going to manage their bills next month and other issues of water supply in building airconditioning not working and other minor detailsBecause of all these details coworking spaces in India became a real boom where the owners arenot concerned about the minor details which of the independent offices but instead concentrate ontheir work and try to excel in their respective business while allowing the coworking providers totake care of all the amenities which are essential for any business to excelCoworking Space is a part of real estate which is expected to be a trilliondollar industry by 2030coworking spaces are one of the factors for contributing a lot to the cause Where Tier 1 cities inIndia is the place from where it all started now Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are also contributing a lot inthe revenue of the economy and contributing to jobs and economy of the country and is expectedto rise by 25 in the coming yearsCoWorking space took a vast change when large enterprises stepped their foot in into the coworking spaces and started enjoying the coworking environment If we talk about the future ofcoworking space believe in the coming future more niche based coworking spaces would beavailable for women entrepreneurs coworking space specially designed for women entrepreneursand wellness can be the next big innovation in the industryGoWork India leading coworking space providers in IndiaThe best part I must say about GoWork India is the number of amenities provided by them to theirclients we have Caf Gymnasium Daily Staples and appetizing meals First Aid available all thetime Express Printers accessible by all Concierge available for guest who is important to youATM Machine available Frustration Zone where you can filter out all your frustration and getready to work and give your 100 again then there is a Gaming Zone if you are interested in playinggames online then I must say its the right place for you as we have a gaming zone where you canplay games and relax your mind and enjoy the time Then we have a Meditation Zone if you love tomeditate and enjoy quality time with yourself Love sleeping We have tons of sleeping pods for youto sleep and have a cozy time for yourself along with the Shuttle Services for you Travel Desk fromwhere you can book flights for national or international travel IF I talk about working space we havePremium Tables for you of course with unlimited TeaCoffee at our service along with Day CareThe facility as we all have family and want to take care of the same especially for single mothers whoalong with working want to take care of their kids while workingI can write a whole separate blog discussing the amenities provided by the GoOWork India thatshow amazing amenities in GoWork India areWith the rise of real estate in India which is estimated to be a trilliondollar company by 2025 coworking spaces are booming in India and GoWork India is making its difference by providingexcellent services and a userfriendly environmentFor any queries please WhatsApp us on 918376870786Website wwwgoworkindiacom.

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