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Garmin Zumo designed by Garmin for people who like to ride bikes For your thriller rides with specific navigation tool that brings excitement in your life This navigation tool makes it easy for you to pick a route as per your convenienceThere are some features of Garmin Zumo which will help you to know it moreAutomatic Incident Notifications and Rider AlertsWith Automatic incident notification youll get text message with location at which any accident or crash incidence happened Rider alerts provide you notify about sharp curves speed cameras lane changing school zone and moreLive TrackingGarmin Zumo is able to link with the application into your smartphone You can send your live location to your friends so that they can know where you are and where are you headingThis feature provides you a tool to get in touch with your friends while riding alongRoute Sharing Route sharing option provides you to share your riding location to your friends with email or text message By using smartphone application everyone in your group will be linked with each otherThis option makes you and your group able to follow the same way while you riding with themPopular InterestsGarmin Zumo is comes with latest features and functions with every new update Garmin Zumo provides you list of hotels restaurants and attraction points along your destinationGarmin Zumo is easy to use navigation tool for riders Safe route with alerts about specific information like traffic and whether condition Mutual sharing with your friends and make them ride along with youIn case of any issue while accessing Garmin devices contact us Call us at 18889883788 tollfree We are 247 hours availableOr visit our website for more information and updates.

Lisa Green

@ Blogger | Posted 23 Aug, 2019 | Science & Technology