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Has your best friend moved into a new apartment or finally paid off their mortgage Help them celebrate this great occasion by getting them a housewarming giftThere are hundreds of gift options available in the market But if youre struggling to decide what to take to the housewarming party you need not worry We have done the legwork for you and have come up with a list of amazing gift ideas Delve in for more details and Im sure your friend will be thrilled to receive any of the stylish gifts below1 A Potted PlantTo welcome your friend into their new home get them a leafy green plant This is a thoughtful gift that will last longer than flowers However it might need a little bit of upkeep In case they dont like leafy ones get a lowmaintenance succulent such as an aloe plantThis doubleduty gift is not only decorative but also helps filter and clean the air2 A Customized DoormatFor a practical affordable and enjoyable gift that doesnt take up much space go for a doormat Help your friend enliven their home and welcome visitors with a customized doormat that bears a choice message A heartfelt personalized welcome message will make each visitor feel special and at home3 A 3D CrystalWant to stand out at the housewarming party A 3D Crystal will take your gifting up a notch This horizontal premium display doesnt limit the number of people in the photo and will take center stage on your hosts mantleA personalized laser photo gift crystal is both unique and endearing You may choose to engrave a sentimental photo of your host or their family or add an LED illumination stand to brighten the iconic crystal 4 A Coffee MakerIf your friend loves coffee and youre looking for something that fits their style and personality then get them a coffee maker If your budget allows add a set of stylish coffee mugsThis is the perfect gift for a coffee connoisseur and one they will use5 Get a Gift Card Are you still feeling stumped Get a gift card and let your friend pick their perfect item This will take the worry off your mind and allow your friend to get exactly what they needTuck the gift card inside a beautiful card with a simple but caring messageWrapping Up Moving into a new home is an outstanding achievement that calls for a celebration A housewarming gift is a touching gesture and your friend will appreciate your thoughtful and kind act Remember the perfect gift for a new homeowner is both practical and sentimental Use our suggestions to guide you to the best option for your housewarming gift Happy shopping.

Amelie James

@ amelie-james=24413 | Posted 02 Mar, 2020 | Others