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Hair Restoration What all you need to know the treatment of hair transplant

Hair loss problem is increasing a lot in both men and women Dealing with such a situation is not easy as it can affect the selfconfidence and selfesteem of the personWell there are different reasons which can trigger the problem like stress genetics hormonal changes diet lifestyle habits smoking drinking and taking medications for a long timeBest treatment optionWhen the problem is triggered we look for treatment options and the best one is a hair transplant The treatment helps in giving permanent and naturallooking results This is the reason many people are opting for the Hair Transplant In Punjab Well there are 2 methods of transplantation FUE and FUT which gives desired results This is true that with this method the hair loss will be reversed Additionally it might be possible for the doctor to give you some medications if the hair loss pattern is still not made properly and you get the treatment at an early stage The medication of Minoxidil and finasteride helps in reversing the hair loss But they wont be effective if you are looking to see the hair growth Following the surgery you need to keep in mind the instructions given by the surgeonIn case you are facing a problem visit our doctor to get the best treatment plan for your problem.

Sachin Goel

@ sachin-goel=17546 | Posted 21 Sep, 2019 | Health & beauty