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How To Choose the Most EcoFriendly Carpet

More and more homeowners want a carpet that is good for the earth There are many options on the market and finding a perfect fit can be overwhelming These tips for choosing ecofriendly carpet for a basement living room or bedroom can help individuals who cannot make a decision Check the Smell Individuals can understand more about the environmental impact of a type of carpet by giving it a big whiff It might seem strange but its an effective approach The signature aroma of carpet comes from the following chemicals Benzene or toluene adhesives Stainresistant finishes Bonding agents These chemicals are volatile organic compounds They have a big carbon footprint and release harmful gases into the air over time Conscious homeowners should avoid these options whenever possible Go Natural Individuals can never go wrong with a carpet constructed from plants Sisal coir and jute are types of ecofriendly carpet that can look great in any residence The material is sustainable and easy to grow in difficult environments which opens the door to make it more available to consumers in the future There are even more interesting types of carpet in city state Homeowners can find funky and allnatural carpet made from sheep wool goat hair recycled plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets Examine the Underlay Carpet feels plush partly because of the underlay The underlay is a thin cushioning that is often made from sponge rubber foam felt or plastic Usually a carpet installation technician is the only one who sees the underlay but it still has an environmental impact Ideally companies should manufacture underlays to the same high standard Clean With the Power of Green Individuals can also maintain their carpet with green cleaning agents Its a small step to take for a healthy house and minimal harm to the earth Ecofriendly carpet can make any space look fantastic These tips can help homeowners sort through the options for the right fit.

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