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For four decades now IndSearch has been devoting itself to the cause of Management Education in Pune Holding on tenaciously to the values it cherishes honesty simplicity and courage striving to make education a level playing field respecting the right of every Indian a decent education IndSearch is proud to have played a selfless role in helping to build a strong career foundation for the thousands who knocked at its portals for the light of knowledge.

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@ Blogger | Posted 08 Apr, 2019 | Education

Posted By: lets user (Posted 20 May, 2019)

3 tips to help you choose an MBA college

After completing your graduation, you have two choices - work or pursue your further studies. If you opt for the latter, you should definitely look to pursue an MBA. It will open up great opportunities for you in terms of your work profile and salary. You will also get to work with the best …

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Posted By: lets user (Posted 13 May, 2019)

5 quant topics important for your MBA entrance preparation

Quantitative aptitude is one of the major sections in the MBA exams. It comprises nearly 34% of all the questions in the paper. This section could either make or break your dream to join one of the best MBA institutes in India. Hence, preparing adequately for quants becomes an absolute necessity. …

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Posted By: lets user (Posted 06 May, 2019)

5 fundamental skills all HR managers must have

HR managers are part of the leadership team in any organisation. They are responsible for training the employees in various skills, as well as showing an aptitude for man-management. To be able to do these tasks, an HR manager has to be equipped with certain fundamental skills. Companies recruiting …

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Posted By: lets user (Updated 29 Apr, 2019)

3 jobs you can land with your BMS degree

The Bachelor in Management is a broad course which consists of subjects from these fields - Operation, Finance, Sales and Marketing. The BMS course is designed in such a way that students will be competent enough to perform in their respective organisations. Hence, students graduating from the best …

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Posted By: lets user (Posted 23 Apr, 2019)

4 soft skills required to be a good Operations Manager

The smooth functioning of an organization depends on how well the Operation managers handle their team. They oversee the production of goods and the quality of services. Their other responsibilities include meeting the expectations of clients, analysing statistics and manage day-to-day …

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Posted By: lets user (Posted 16 Apr, 2019)

4 reasons why you should opt for MBA in Finance

An MBA in Finance focuses on key subjects like economies, planning, accounting, investments, analysis of the market, taxation, costing, etc. Being one of the major MBA specializations, opting for Finance opens doors in various sectors like corporate finance, banking, real estate, investment …

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