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Is java learning worth in 2020

Developed by James Gosling and his colleagues at Sun Microsystems in the 1990s Java was publicly released in 1995 and has been very popular since then Many new versions of the language have been released and it has penetrated many areas But with the start of the new decade many people particularly new programmers are getting doubts about usage and development java will be continued or not so as to consider the implementation of java in their own projects or to learn it for a careerWhile It is true that other languages are increasing in popularity The TIOBE index which is a way to assess the popularity of programming languages still ranks Java as the most popular programming language This means that learning java is still useful for your career and your projectOur Java training institutes in Pune will provide you with all the necessary knowledge so you can jumpstart a career in Java programming language As this is a certification course you will have great recognition anywhere in the world and As this is training with placement you also do not need to search for the opportunities manuallyThe main reasons which make java learning worth in 2020 are Java has the potential to do everythingJava is a vast language that can be used to power many applications from different areasWith Swing API and Java FX one can build desktop applications and complete web applications can be developed with Jakarta EE specification of Java Its importance in the world of mobile application development is undeniable as it can be used to develop android applications that are not going to fallJava is also used for the development of many software tools scientific applications and also in the Internet of Things Leading cloud service providers Google Amazon and Microsoft all support the Java programming language for application developmentJava has a strong community is evolvingJava is an opensource language and thus will have a very large community Currently there are over 10 million Java developers worldwide that share their knowledge and much other valuable information to help each other Many of the problems you have faced are almost sure to be faced by others and if the community works out a solution yours is also solvedAnother important aspect of having a strong community a large set of libraries tools and opensource projects will be developed and can be used in your projectsSince the adoption of the new life cycle for Java releases from the release of Java 9 in September of 2017 Oracle has been able to release newer versions of java quickly and respond more to developers expectations The newest version of java Java 14 is already scheduled for March 2020With JVM Java provides an execution platformOne of the greatest strengths of the Java language is its portability Simply put Java lets you to Write once run anywhere This is possible because rather than running natively in a device java runs on a virtual machine the JVM In addition to running java JVM is also being used to run other important programming languages like Python or Scala With this you can combine the remarkable powers of both Java and other languages suitable for your applicationContrary to many assumptions Java is now fasterIt is true that Initial versions of Java were slower than compiled languages such as C or C As mentioned earlier the Java language is portable because it runs on a virtual machine But this virtual machine is an additional layer of software that could degrade overall performance and in addition to this beginning implementations of JVM were slow But with the huge progress of hardware in recent years this additional layer has a little impact on the performance of the majority of enterprise applications The Just In Time compiler also greatly increases the performance of JVM.

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