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Can I sell my car with outstanding finance This question arouses in my mind and I came across an article stating selling a car privately is timeconsuming but you will probably get a better price So if I want to sell a car heres what I will need to doFor the advertisement I do not need to go to any newspaper agency and pay a commission I just need to register myself for free on the onestop online solution called izydaisyI need to make sure that I describe my car correctly in my advertisement and that I can prove I am its legal ownerI need to deal promptly with calls and emails I receive from potential buyersArrange and be present at viewings and testdrivesArrange a safe place of being paid for the saleI want to sell a car with a quick and hasslefree way and this free classified portal assists me that my car will reach its reserve price and I might end up getting less for it Here you will find most of the buyers are in the motor trade and if you are lucky and attract a private buyer you might get more for your car than a dealer would beI have observed that you will get the most for your car by selling it privately and the next best option is dealer partexchange followed by a carbuying website So if I want to sell a car privately I might get 10 to 15 more for my car than I would from a dealer This means if my car worth Rs 500000 if sold privately I would lose at least Rs 50000 by selling it to a dealer There are lots of online car selling sites that offer to take the work out of selling a car We just need to enter our cars details on the companys website such as age and mileage receive a valuation and then take it to a local depot to have it assessedHowever be aware that usually the online valuation is subject to a physical inspection of your car If the inspection reveals some faults the final valuation figure might be considerably lower Selling a vehicle online is a particularly easy way You just need to simply advertise your car on the site with a full description and photos and then publish the advertisementMost of the classified portals charge an insertion fee of Rs 800 and a final value fee based on the selling price from a minimum fee of Rs 1600 up to a maximum of Rs 3000 But izydaisy is a free classified portal that lets you advertise anything for free You just need to follow guidelines and you are all set to earn a handsome amountMoreover if I want to sell a car I need to bear in mind the timing as timing is important when selling a car I need to keep an eye on the age of the car and the time of year I sell it So if you are also looking to sell a car or any other vehicles keep the above things in mind and you are all set to go .

charmi patel

@ Blogger | Posted 28 Jan, 2020 | Car and Bikes