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Should We Ask For Money On Social Networks Like Facebook

Asking for financial help for the work of the Lord is not wrong in itself For so many years ethical ministers have asked for financial aids for their ministries and organizations Having initiated three orphanages I am sympathetic to those ministers who need to raise fundsI remember when one of my orphanages ran out of funds I approached my Christian business friends whom I personally knew and asked them for financial donations These friends responded readily because they knew the ministry that I was involved with They were confident that the money was used for the orphansToday through the internet many Christians have been scammed into giving to ministries that are neither authentic or even in existence These bogus ministries utilize fear sympathy and guilttrips to suck the money out of sincere but gullible ChristiansMany give false promises such as God will bless the giver with rich return if he or she will sow a seed faith to their ministries Very seldom does one hear these people asking you to sow to your church or bless your pastor with the extra love offeringsThe good news is that you do not need to sow any socalled seed faith into the coffers of these false ministers in order to receive the blessings that are already in your salvation You are a good steward and should use your money wiselyToday social networks such as Facebook Twitter and many others on the internet are used for fundraising purposes Many unknown preachers and missionaries are posting on our pages requesting for financial gifts Some are from small churches while others claim to run charitable ministries such as orphanages and feeding programs Many even include convincing photos and commentaries that can cause compassionate tears to readily fall for their causehttpscbsecurecoukdreamlifemasteryreview.

Hadriel Sam

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