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Spiritual Growth Through the Chakras

The creative life force sleeps within each of us like a coiled serpent Dream Life Mastery Review waiting to be unleashed to evolve mankind to the next level Ancient Tantric practices awaken this energy called kundalini using the body breath sound and visualizations to speed its journey to God realization Man has three bodies the physical body and its consciousness the astral or subtle body experienced as feelings and emotions and the causal body expressed as intelligence and wisdom The seven chakras act as energy transformers for the three bodyminds each governing different functions As each chakra is activated the bodymind is purified matter is spiritualized and your consciousness is expanded Gradually energy moves from darkness the negative pole to light the positive pole and full consciousness at the seventh chakra The process has been compared to psychoanalysis in the WestFIRST CHAKRAMuladhara chakra at the coccyx is a negative pole At this level you are wedded to establishment values Security and selfpreservation are predominant themes Primitive energies such as fright fight and flight are prevalent responses to being attacked or injured physically or psychologically You experience intense global anxiety threatening annihilation This chakra is related to paranoia addiction and extreme pathology which may cause aggressiveness toward others In the average person such fears are more latent but may nonetheless affect your life Where these impulses are disowned they are projected onto others as being hurtful Growth begins as these fears become conscious integrated and transmuted When unconscious impulses or memories are brought into conscious awareness more energy is made available for higher functioning When the sleeping serpent gradually awakes and rises up you may begin to feel sensations of floating bliss and tingling and warmth at the base of the spine Clairvoyance or clairaudience may appearSECOND CHAKRAThe second Svadhisthana is below the naval and above the genitals Your senses and nervous system become more sensitive affecting you physically and emotionally The focus is more on sexual and sensual pleasures rather than defensive selfprotection Hence there is greater interaction with others albeit as sexual objects and a wider range of emotion although you are still controlled by unconscious impulses and appetites These procreative energies are very powerful and if not expressed sublimated or directed upwards they can be physically and mentally very uncomfortable Meditation and Tantric sexual practices provide methods for channeling the kundalini to higher centersThis chakra is considered the seat of the unconscious and once opened you may be flooded by powerful emotions often conflicting All of your past conditioning and patterns are revealed and acted out and if not analyzed or worked through with increasing consciousness the kundalini will descend Higher transpersonal levels of consciousness can only be attained after your personal subconscious has been successfully explored and integrated There are warnings that unless you have sufficient ego strength character and a faith in God that the energies unleashed can cause great harm to the individual from inappropriate romantic or sexual attachments to mental breakdown Knowledge of the astral body and increased power of intuition are aroused at this chakra Often prophetic dreams and spontaneous telepathic experiences may occurhttpsdietsheriffcomdreamlifemasteryreview.

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Posted By: Hadriel Sam (Posted 20 Sep, 2019)

Spiritual Growth Through the Chakras

The creative life force sleeps within each of us like a coiled serpent,  Dream Life Mastery Review  waiting to be unleashed to evolve mankind to the next level. Ancient Tantric practices awaken this energy, called kundalini, using the body, breath, sound, and visualizations to speed its …

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