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The Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things we do for our health Sleep is crucial for maintaining our minds and body and a lack of sleep can not only make it difficult to concentrate it can increase the risk of developing obesity diabetes cardiovascular disease and a host of infections While there are many people with underlying illnesses that cause sleep problems nearly all of us will struggle to get a good nights sleep some time in our livesHowever there is much you can do to help you drift off and ensure you get a good nights sleep Some of these ideas are simple too such as ensuring you have the right bedding like a pure wool duvet or have eliminated all the lights and noises Here is a checklist of things you can do to ensue you get a good nights sleepMake sure its dark Our bodies are designed with its own internal body clock and this is stimulated by light Make sure all lights are off when you go to bed and even an hour before you turn in dim the lights to ensure body clock knows its time for bedNoise is another stimulus that will keep us awake Keep the doors closed if other people are in the house with televisions on etc Even ticking clocks can be a distraction in the middle of the night so replace the loud ticktock alarm with a digital clock Even better why not buy a green water powered clock and save on all those batteriesEnsure the room isnt too hot or cold Feeling stuffy will keep us awake so keep the room ventilated with a window slightly open and make sure the heating isnt on too highAvoid using your bed for work or watching TV Keep your bed for sleeping and one other ahem activity only Using a bed like an office or living room will make you associate your bed with work which will start you thinking about it when its time for sleephttpshealthscrutinycomthemasteryofsleepreview.

Hadriel Sam

@ xzcxcx | Posted 29 Aug, 2019 | Health & beauty