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To ensure industry participation to make the education contemporary and experientialDesign and deliver educational programs to help the work force stay current in terms of knowledge and skills for career advancementGroom students to take up leadership positions in their chosen walks of life Make research and development an integral part of the university culture.

Nayan Yadav

@ Blogger | Posted 17 Apr, 2019 | Education

Posted By: Nayan Yadav (Posted 02 May, 2019)

3 unconventional career choices for science students post 12th

After successfully passing their 12th standard exams, the most popular career choices amongst science students are engineering and medical. They are lured by the prospect of a stable job gradually leading to a great salary. However, everyone’s not cut from the same cloth. Some students develop …

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Posted By: Nayan Yadav (Posted 24 Apr, 2019)

5 reasons why engineers should pursue an MBA

Students graduating with a B.Tech degree from the top engineering colleges in Kolkata get placed in IT companies with a technical job profile. Their on-job experience makes them highly skilled in that particular technical role. After that, they can either extend their stay in that company or move …

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Posted By: Nayan Yadav (Posted 24 Apr, 2019)

3 frequently asked questions about Computer Science Engineering

The introduction of computers in India during the ’90s took the country by storm. It generated great interest among students to learn the various aspects of computer, and thus resulted in the creation of a whole new engineering branch - Computer Science Engineering.

Today, a lot of top …

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