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Using PPC as a replacement for SEO

Many people have attempted to settle the SEO vs PPC debate by trying to calculate a definitive conversion rate for both While many of these studies provide valuable insight into both paid and organic traffic there are a number of variables that cannot be captured by a simple percentageTake for example the fact that a site optimized for SEO might target keywords for people at different stages of the sales funnel from educational articles through to product pages PPC campaigns on the other hand tend to send leads directly to a sales pageMany of the people who convert via PPC may have been primed by content they accessed organically according to Ipsos 44 of online shoppers begin by using a search engine The same could also be true of phone or brick and mortar customers according to Acquisio there will be 73 million phone calls generated by mobile search alone by the end of 2018PPC often has a higher conversion rate than SEO but it casts a narrow net SEO allows you to broaden that net and reach potential customers at the very start of their purchase research Without it youre leaving leads and sales on the table and missing an opportunity to build your brands authority.

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@ digital marketing | Posted 11 Dec, 2018 | Current Topics