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@ Blogger | Posted 21 Sep, 2019 | Education

Posted By: Jobseekh Jobsite (Posted 03 Oct, 2019)

Addiction to Fame and Celebrity


Are Narcissists addicted to being famous?


You bet. This, by far, is their predominant drive. Being famous encompasses a few important functions: it endows the narcissist with power, provides him with a constant Source of Narcissistic Supply (admiration, adoration, approval, awe), and …

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Posted By: Jobseekh Jobsite (Posted 03 Oct, 2019)

4 Secrets To Becoming A Guest On Top Tv Talk Shows

The phone rings. You hear an authoritative voice say, *Hello, I'm the producer of...Good Morning America or Oprah, or Larry King Live* or any other top talk show, you name it. This is your big moment, the break you've been waiting for. After you catch your breath what do you do? 

Producers make …

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Posted By: Jobseekh Jobsite (Posted 21 Sep, 2019)

All You Need To Know About Blog Hosts

Apart from the chat rooms, instant messengers and electronic mails created for communication and dialogue beyond turf are the emerging innovations that help man build opportunities for interaction. The need for a personalized and human face aspect of building online communities is slowly changing …

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