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What is a MultiDiscipline Comprehensive Pain Management Center

When people think of going to a pain center Joint Complex 4000 Review they often think of going to simply receive pain medication like narcotics This is a stereotype and unfortunately with the unprecedented rise in prescription drug abuse in the US over the past decade one that will not go away anytime soonA true multidisciplinary Comprehensive Pain Management Center includes much more than Medication Management This includes treatments of Interventional Pain Management Physical Therapy Physiotherapy Rehab Chiropractic Spinal Decompression Therapy Manipulation Under Anesthesia and potentially Naturopathic andor psychologic methods of pain reduction With the proper combination of pain management services patient outcomes can be maximized thereby allowing patients to return to work do more social activities and get back to living Isnt that what its all aboutPatients in pain are not the same and effective treatment should be individualized If a patient comes in with 1010 back pain out of work and having severe difficulty even walking then most likely passive therapies such as ice heat electrical stimulation along with pain medications and injection treatments would be initially implemented Subsequently the acute pain would hopefully be reduced a substantial amount so that more active treatments including physical therapy can begin for further pain reductionIf however the patient were experiencing chronic pain at 610 severity it would potentially be prudent to start physical therapy for a couple weeks to see how well it works and then graduate to an injection if there was not substantial enough improvementhttpscbsecurecoukjointcomplex4000review.

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