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why employee advocacy is important for Startups

Content Marketing Strategy When it comes to marketing practices that help generate leads theres no doubt that content marketing is an important one Content is a costeffective marketing strategy that can help your brand hone its reputation and increase reach.

Sandeep Singh

@ Founder Digitalu | Posted 14 Dec, 2018 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 14 Mar, 2019)

What are the 5 reasons for investing in market research?

How is it that you would know what to bring to your customers? You might be exceedingly good at conjectures, but can you tell with certainty that customers would like the products that you get them? You would not be merely handing out trophies, but asking consumers to spend money on your services …

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Sandy Singh


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Posted By: Sandeep Singh (Updated 14 Dec, 2018)

Employee Advocacy: #1 Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2019 for Startups

There’s a reason why influencer marketing is making all the right noise today.

Consumers would rather hear about a product from other (renowned) individuals than from the brand itself. When a person, with large social media following, vouches for a product—her/his followers are more likely to …

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