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Why you Need Export Documentation Software

Much of my day is utilized talking with people on the phone who have expressed interest in learning further about the Sky ERP Export Plus export documentation in India and compliance software The ones who become customers tend to have many of the same reasons for funding the softwareThis article outlines the five most popular reasons why companies invest in and use total export solution software If youre on the fence attempting to determine whether or not import export business software is a worthwhile investment take a glance at the information below It will assist you towards making a wellinformed decisionEnsure Consistency throughout Your CompanyExporting companies that do not have an import and export documentation and compliance software in place frequently have a rather haphazard procedure for designing their export business documents They may use Word or Excel templates which entails typing the same data over and over and making a lot of copying and pasting These processes are timeconsuming and tediousI recently chatted with a company that used an accounting software to create their packing lists different software to produce bills of lading and yet different software to create commercial invoices They applied templates found online for other documents like certificates of origin and they relied on their freight forwarders to supply shippers letters of instruction which they then filled out by handUsing three modified software solution programs and having several sources for their other export registration documents makes for a rather disorganized inconsistent and potentially unreliable processAssume instead that you have one software program to produce all of your export procedure and the database is distributed across multiple workstations so employees can easily view and choose the import export registration records prepared by other employees if neededWith the click of a button you can pull in your contact and product information for each consignment from a database and this information will be automatically appended to all the documents for which it is needed with the precise formatting You simply enter the information once and youre good to goThis is the truth for Sky ERP Export Plus users and this ability to organize import export documentation procedure and make the overall design more consistent is the single biggest reason why companies end up purchasing export softwareReduce the Time It Takes to Build Export Business Documentsone system for all your standard export paperwork will cut down on the time it demands to generate the documents Our customers state they can produce their documents up to fivetimes faster than traditional methods like using templates Theyre able to accomplish this because software solution like Sky ERP Export Plus is specifically designed to eliminate redundant data entrySoftware enables you to enter information common to multiple documents on a single screen rather than having to retype the same information over and over repeatedly for each documentEnhance the Accuracy of Your Export DocumentsManual dataentry methods like using Word or Excel templates are inclined to errors The more typing you do the greater the risk of executing a typo These mistakes can hold up your shipment prevent you from getting paid on time or get you in trouble with customsAutomating your export incentives plans by using export software significantly cuts down the amount of typing you need to do resulting in less errors and in turn less headaches for you and your customersStay on Top of Evolving RegulationsExport industry regulations are constantly changing The data needed on export documentation paperwork product classification codes such as HS codes or ECCNs and industry best practices are in a constant state of flux It can be a challenge to try and keep uptodate on the changing regulatory environmentFortunately software can help in this respect Software like Sky ERP Export Plus is consistently updated to reflect changing regulations and emerging best practices When you apply Sky ERP Export Plus you can be confident that you are using only the most uptodate informationMonitor Your Export ProcessSky ERP Export Plus includes a Shipment Log that functions as a checklist your users can follow for each shipment The steps in the checklist can be customized to fit your companys specific export procedure This way you can document that each step is being developed and you can monitor who did what for each shipmentSky ERP Export Plus builtin Export Compliance Module enables you to run compliance screenings to make sure you are not doing transaction with a person or company on any of the governments restricted party lists to make sure you know which documents you need to provide for each shipment and to make sure you are informed if a deemed export license is needed Furthermore the outcomes of any of the screenings you run in the Export Compliance Module can be issued and are stored in an audit trailSky ERP Export Plus also involves the ability to generate reports such as shipments by country by products or by freight forwarders in a given date range You can utilize these reports to keep an focus on key data elements and reveal overall trends in your export under GST transactions.

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