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Yoga The Way of Life The Art of Living India Understanding Yoga

Life does take a toll on our mind and body with our daily flights between home and work A moment of solitude and bliss between this frantic back and forth can go a long way in helping find a balance Yoga can be that liberating medium that can help you achieve thisIf youre looking to destress and incorporate yoga asanas into your daily workout routine this article will get you up to speed and cover the basics of practicing yoga for beginnersSo roll out your yoga mats and discover the benefits of combining mental and physical exercises that were perfected centuries ago by yoga practitioners all over the worldThe beauty of practicing various types of asanas is that you dont have to be an expert to reap their benefits Irrespective of your age or health condition basic yoga techniques hold power to calm your mind and strengthen your body Its easy to get overwhelmed by those seemingly impossible yoga stretches and postures but fret not because yoga is for everyone you just have to take it one step at a timeWhat is YogaYoga is more than a physical workout because it looks to connect the mind and the body Mostly an effective yoga session is identified by a set of exercises known as yoga postures along with breathing techniques and meditation these components together form an efficient yoga regimenIf you find that an asana is difficult or painful then there are various ways to modify the pose that will help you the most out of your session Yoga instructors make use of props like chairs blocks straps and blankets to help students reach maximum potential from their yoga asanas There is no standard yoga practice which means its not a onesizefitsall exercise yoga practitioners will have to come up with yoga exercises that suit the individual to reap the most benefitsAn introduction to Yoga asanasYoga believes that the mind is a pendulum that swings from the past to the future going from emotions like regret to anger and fear along with bouts of anxiety as well as sorrow and happiness When you perform various types of asanas they allow you to harmonize your body and mind thereby bringing about composure There is more to asanas than physical exertion and they bring about a balance of ease and effort This means that during Yoga the student can put effort into each pose which will eventually help them relax They help enhance flexibility and expand our mind as wellWhen you follow a list of yoga asanas it should be done with a sense of awareness This is important when it comes to breathing techniques Each movement brings about awareness of a body part for instance when you raise your arms you are aware of your movements and which way you should relaxYoga poses for beginnersThere are 10 primary poses that tend to complete a yoga workout especially if its meant for beginners here are some easy yoga posesFor destressingChilds PoseThis is one of the primary calming poses and its a great pause position You can get into this pose when you feel like taking a break from asanas that require too much effort It will help you rest and recuperate before you move on to the next pose Childs pose will gently stretch your lower back open up your hips thighs knees and ankles as well as relax your shoulders spine and neckWhen must you do itDo this pose when you want a stretch through your neck spine and hipsWhen should you skip itAvoid this pose if you suffer from ankle or knee issue experience high blood pressure or are pregnantHow can you modify the Childs poseJust like any other yoga asanas the Childs pose can be modified to suit the student You can rest your head on the cushion and place a rolled towel under your ankles for extra support in case you get uncomfortableFocus on relaxing your muscles and breathing techniquesCorpse PoseUsually a yoga session will end with this pose because it will allow you to relax your muscles Some people may find it challenging to stay still in this pose but the more you practice the more relaxing and meditative this pose will beYou can modify this pose by setting a rolled towel or blanket under your head or knees especially if youre having trouble with your lower back.

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@ Employe | Posted 17 Mar, 2020 | Education