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You Can Do Your Own Home Energy Audit to Cut Energy Bills

It may sound overly simplistic but one of the best things you can do to cut energy bills is simply to look around your home Take a pad of paper and a pen and go all around your home to look for weak spots in your energy efficiency This is basically all an energy audit isYes you could hire someone to do it for you but if you want the same results without having to pay someone you can do most of it yourself A lot of problem spots in your home will be easy to spot Grab a flashlight and your pen and paper and lets get started The first place to start is in your attic Look around to see how much insulation you have If you need more add moreNext take a close look at your foundation Are there big gaps One of the most common places to lose energy ironically is where your utilities such as cable water electric and phone lines come into your home Make sure the area around these openings is well sealed with caulkGo from room to room and make note of any light fixtures that do not have CFL light bulbs These bulbs do not use as much electricity and they last longerAs you go from room to room take note of any electronic items you have in those rooms that are not used on a daily basis Even if the item is turned off it is still drawing power as long as it is plugged in And last but not least consider adding a wind turbine so you can generate your own electricity You can make a turbine for around 200 It is easy to make but the savings will be significanthttpswhatpeopleswantcommagnifierenginereview.

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