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Kuldeep Giri

Teacher | Posted on | Health-beauty

Can we do yoga anytime?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

These days, more and more people are getting inclined towards Yoga, which is emerging as a better alternative for exercise. Just like we have fixed Yoga Postures for different problems, the time of Yoga is also fixed.


The best time for Yoga is:

After waking up in the morning:

The best time for Yoga is in the morning. After waking up, relieve yourself and then do yoga. It should be done before having breakfast. Yoga without having done breakfast would be the most advantageous.

After Lunch:

Practicing yoga after three hours of having lunch is also beneficial. We should not practice it any time after eating something. Just wait for fifteen to twenty minutes to do yoga if you have eaten something.

Yoga should be done regularly:

Being regular with yoga benefits your health a great deal. Don’t break the streak of your yoga practice and you will even start losing some kilos if you are overweight.  


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