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Does leather burn?How do we know if its a genuine leather?


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What is leather? 
Leather is a strong material which is obtained from animal skins either from chemical treatment or tanning. The most common leather types come from sheeps, cattles, goats, pigs, aquatic animals etc. The leather is used for making different items such as clothing, bags, footwear, furniture, sports items etc. The items made from leather last for decades. The leading countries of leather making are China and India. 

Does leather burn ?
Leathers have been found to be the best material because of the life span of the item. Out of many ways, one of the best and most common ways to find out whether the leather is genuine or fake is by using fire. Usage of fire for considering whether the leather is real or fake doesn't mean that we have to put the item into the bonfire, sparkle will be the best to see if the leather you're holding is fake or genuine. One of the best features of a genuine leather is that it resists fire and so it won't get overwhelmed in the flames of the. Leather is a type of material which doesn't melt like any other material, for instance plastic. On the other hand, fake leather is made up of plastic and petroleum and both the elements accept fire immediately. 

How to find Genuine Leather? 
To find whether the leather you are using is real or fake, the following steps has to be followed: 
  • Checking of the label : if the product label defines, full grain leather, genuine leather or 100% genuine leather then the product is real and not fake. 
  • Checking the material closely : to find out whether the material is real leather, look for the imperfections on the surface of the product. Real leather is made from the skin of the animals and is not sanded. 
  • Feeling the leather products : as the real leather is made from animal skin they are not perfectly smooth. So when you feel and touch the product and if it has a rough surface it is genuine leather. 

Top grain leather 
World's second best quality leather is Top-Grain Leather. Top grain leather is very common and is used for making handbags, because of the natural look of the leather which is in demand nowadays. Top grain leather gets its name from the process of shaving off the very top layer of buffalo. This process of shaving off the top layer is also known as splitting leather. The reason behind splitting the leather from the top surface is because of the fresh leather which is used for making different items. Top grain leathers are used for making luxury goods

Full grain leather
The best leather is the one which is blemish- free. In the Full- Grain Leather, the hair is removed from the skin of the animals and is then moved forward for the tanning process. Full- grain leather seems to be more durable than any other leather. This leather stays more than 10 years and gives the customer the best quality products. Full grain leather is a whole skin, no marks or anything is removed which makes it more natural looking. The products which are commonly made from this leather are furniture, footwear and luggage


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