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sushil seo

digital marketing | Posted 19 Nov, 2018 |

Does the IPL GC still exist?

Vivan Vatena

student in journalism | Posted 10 Dec, 2018

IPL has turned out to be a colossal brand which has the value of roughly 44,000 Indian rupees India in the year 2018. There are also murmurs of how the tournament has led to the contribution of Rs.1200 crore to the GDP of India’s economy. There is no governing council within the IPL anymore. There is no knowledge as to who oversees the entire functioning of the IPL tournament. Policy-wise, there is no figure within the IPL. The official website has names of persons like Sourav Ganguly, Rajiv Shukla, MP Bandhu as members of the governing council. It appears that all of them are quite busy with their personal commitments and are not really associated with the policy functioning of IPL.

So the question of who is exactly running the IPL, there is no answer. Whether the IPL GC still exists or not, an administrator from BCCI said that as of now has no governing Council and he has no answer why it is not present. The 2019 edition of the Indian Premier league shall also face a clash with the nine-phase general elections. There are speculations of how the Indian Premier league tournament shall be shifted over to another country.