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All things considered, I am such an Indian who never gets up early even on fifteenth August(Independence day) or on 26th January(Republic Day). I don't guarantee myself an energetic. Yet at the same time I am composing this answer for India when nearly my entire nation is questioning its capacity to ..Read More

By Anonymous


Will India ever produce an athlete like Usain Bolt?

Anonymous | Posted 12 Jun, 2019

NO. Just like the world cannot produce a cricketer like SachinTendulkar… India cannot produce an athlete like Usain Bolt. These are once in a lifetime people. You cannot hope for other... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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In the market, There is enormous category of books available and of almost any topic you can get the book but the prime thing is; with comfort and ease where from you can get your desired book. ..Read More