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Innate immunity is something you are gifted with when you are born. However, you can put effort for building your immunity. Turmeric is well known in Indian traditional medicine to boost body's immunity. Giloy is another herb whose bark concentrate can improve immunity. Pepper and tomatoes are rich ..Read More

Latest Answer: 1 Hour ago

By Aarti Gumber (Blogger)


How many languages do you speak?

Riddhi P Content Writer | Posted 07 May, 2021

Language is the mode to communicate with people. The more language you learn the more you will be able to communicate with the people. You can exchange each other's culture. You can learn different things from different languages' people. You will gain a lot of experience. I like Hindi, English, Beb ..Read More

Latest Answer: 2 Hours ago

By Rishita Blogger (Self Employed)

Corona is a type of virus that spreads from one person to another. To keep control on coronavirus we must wear a mask and one more thing that is very important is maintaining social distance. Everyone must be vaccinated and arrangements of Medical facilities should be available for every citizen at ..Read More

Latest Answer: 2 Hours ago

By Rashmi Choudhary (Student)


What is difference between love and hate?

Sks Jain @ teacher student ptofessor | Posted 18 Hours ago

Love and hate both are opposites of each other. Both words reflect the inner feeling of a person that is caused by the release of certain enzymes in the body.  The feeling of love is a constructive feeling. the one who feels the same make someone whole. On the other hand, the feeling of hate is ..Read More

Latest Answer: 10 Hours ago

By Vanisha Anand (Student)