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How to watch Thursday night NFL in India?

Ramesh Kumar Marketing Manager | Posted 14 Sep, 2018

NFL doesn’t have any official broadcaster in India. Although it sucks for the Football (rugby) fans in the country, what bugs me is the business opportunity these networks are missing. The graph... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

In the U.S., the NFL is, by far the #1 brand in terms of total value. In fact, the total value of all NFL teams is nearly as much as the next two competitors, the NBA and MLB, combined. Internationally, although the best EPL teams are highly valuable, Manchester United and Manchester City, for insta ..Read More

By mark Will (sports)

Just like Tennis, Football too seems to be primarily about Male football players. So much so that, we very conveniently forget about the achievements of women players in these games. Remember when a reporter at a press conference made a casually sexist remark that Sam Querrey is the first US semifinalist at the Wimbledon since 2009, completely forgetting... Read More

By Ruchika Dutta (Teacher )


Who can win medals at the Asian Games 2018 from India?

Rinki Singh Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted 14 Aug, 2018

Asian Games 2018 is expected to be a topsy-turvy ride for Indian athletes. With the issues related to court cases and selection of athletes already making the news, Indians are trying to focus on the results of the Games happening in Jakarta, Indonesia. The opening ceremony is today. ... Read More

By Rishi Roy (Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy)

Yesterday, Google celebrated the 187th birthday of the ‘Father of Modern Football’, Ebenezer Cobb Morley with a doodle. But the question is why is he called the father of modern football? It’s possible that many of us won’t be even knowing who he actually is. Let’s see. ... Read More

By Rishi Roy (Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy)

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