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Your question makes me wanna go back and watch the new Avengers: Endgame trailer one more time. The latest, and probably the last Endgame trailer is so cool, nostalgic, and power packed that it’s hard to get over it. Coming to your question, yes, there could be some chances of this Avengers Theory being true if we analyze the last, and the only humorous... Read More

By Vansh Chopra (System Engineer IBM)

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What’s wrong with Iron Man’s helmet in Avengers: Endgame trailer?

Vikas joshi Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted 19 Dec, 2018

Since the much-awaited trailer of Avengers 4, titled Endgame hit the screens, Marvel fans are full of excitement, theories, and speculations. (Courtesy: Comic Book) While some say that Iron Man is going to die in space, some believe that... Read More

By Sameer Kumar (Software engineer at HCL technologies)

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