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Hey Hi,You haven't specified any location like where your are looking for like in which country or state still as per research I came to know in Kerala there are many Ayurveda resort for anti ageing treatment. ..Read More

By Mamta Manjarekar (Blogger)

Ayurvedic medicine kidney failure Ayurveda has the power to treat diseases the natural way as it includes using natural extracts and spices. ... Chronic kidney disease or CKD is a s ..Read More

By prabhsimran singh ()


How to prepare Ayurvedic tea which increases our immunity?

Rahul Mehra System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted 02 Apr, 2019

Some people fall ill way too often, and due to this, their body becomes way too weak. If you start having Ayurvedic tea, instead of the regular tea, it will help your body in gaining strength and immunity. (Courtesy: Quintin's Tea... Read More

By तृष्णा भट्टाचार्य (Fitness trainer,Fitness Academy)

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