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Want a PG Certificate in Blockchain Technology?

Ramya Murugan Works at Bigziel | Posted 24 Nov, 2018

Blockchain as an innovation is new to confide in your insight to website pages or assets that come unrecommended. There are different Blockchain instructional exercises accessible on the web, yet it is imperative that you pick the correct one. I have myself run over assets that clarify nuanced parts ..Read More

By jaynifer son (Blogger on Blockchain )

Today, most of the organizations use Blockchain technology which keeps all their files, folders and documents secure and private. It uses block system for making a list of all the files. Further, Blockchain technology is an open-source platform which works well with all the apps and other tools. All the records of financial transactions remain completely... Read More

By Himadri Thaker (SEO writer and blogger)

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Why is Blockchain so secure?

Prashant Dubey Mechanical engineer | Posted 15 Nov, 2018

Anything that’s transparent is more secure. Period. Imagine a traditional ledger. When an entry is made there, you don’t know the nature of that entry. You don’t even know if an entry is made in the first place or not. The person responsible to do this job can easily manipulate the entry or play foul without getting caught by anyone. Because, in the... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Hey Jaynifer for answer please refer this link :- How will you explain Blockchain technology to a 10-year old? ..Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)