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GK [ General Knowledge] is a significant segment in Every Government Exam But it's is Very Difficult to Remember. On the off chance that u Mug up GK it will be in your psyche only for 1 or 2 Days.When Exam paper goes to your hand Everything v'll be Blank. so , quit robbing up GK I v'll reveal ..Read More

By bareeras shahid (Blogger)


Is Pakistan and the Myth of “Too Dangerous to Fail”?

saba awan writer in new York today | Posted 16 Nov, 2018

Right from the day it came into existence, Pakistan has strived towards being a security state rather than a welfare state. In the process of doing so, and at the same time with the intention of snatching Kashmir from India, they started harbouring terrorism. It is no longer hidden fact that Pakistan is the breeding ground of different terrorist outfits... Read More

By Vivan Vatena (student in journalism)

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After day before yesterday’s performance on the pitch, Kuldeep Yadavdefinitely seems like the next inheritor of India’s spin legacy and he is the right fit. Having come into the loop after the 10thover when England were off a flying start at 73/ 0, Yadav picked up three wickets in the next two overs of his. ... Read More

By Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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Can Delhi ever achieve full statehood?

Abdul Malik News reporter (CEN News ) | Updated 27 Jul, 2018

All major ideological groups have called for statehood to Delhi. Shiela Dixit requested it in later long stretches of her residency. BJP has been requiring that since 1990s however they have raised their interest for statehood, each time around get together races as it were. [Except for th ..Read More

By bappa d (Blogger)