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Because of this, most hair transplant surgeons will recommend using finasteride (and/or minoxidil and other hair loss prevention treatments) after your procedure to minimize the ra ..Read More

By rejuva aesthetica (Cosmetic Surgery clinic)


What should be my hair care routine?

Anonymous | Posted 20 Jun, 2019

Know your hair type. Every person has different hair, and it often needs to be treated and taken care of in different ways. ... 1. Wash your hair when it is necessary. ... 2. Avo ..Read More

By Mamta Manjarekar (Blogger)


Do I need to wash hair with shampoo before applying henna?

Vijay Singh Health and Fitness Adviser | Posted 13 Jun, 2019

henna buildup just by shampooing your hair. Henna glue is made out of henna powder, and if any of it is left in your hair for long, it will dry to the point that when you brush your hair, it will put on a show of being powder and spread all over your garments. Plus, henna glue truly sticks to the ha ..Read More

By Anonymous